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Cambridge University Teams Up with Saudi Monarchy

Recently, Cambridge University signed a deal with the Saudi monarchy to establish a research centre KACST-Cambridge  (King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology – Cambridge Centre) dedicated to biological, chemical and engineering research. This is supposed to be the first physical site established outside the UK in Cambridge’s 800 year history. The true face […]


CUSU Notes: 1. That since 2008, when £850 billion of public money was used to bail-out banks that continue to pay out billions in bonuses, the government has aimed to recoup that money by cutting back on public spending on health, transport, benefits and education. 2. That despite government claims that Britain is emerging from […]

Reclaim Our Student Unions!

The recent report in the Cambridge Tab concerning the £6,500 pay rise given to the CUSU General Manager is worth discussing. It is important to analyse university and union finances and investigate their impact on students. We should be asking why students should take an interest in the financial decisions of CUSU and the university […]