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Why Care About the NUS?

“When we dare to do things differently we inspire a whole generation to take action.” This was just one of many similar sound bites issued from the leaders of the NUS at the National Conference – superficially rousing, sufficiently vague, so as to avoid taking any strong stances, and completely ironic, given that the very […]

Lent 2014 Term Card

Tuesdays, 7.30 – 9.30 PM, Keynes Seminar Room 2, unless otherwise stated 21st Jan: Marxism and Religion 28th Jan: Where is China Going? 4th Feb: Socialism: What Is It and How Do We Achieve It? Thursday 13th Feb: ‘Is There An Alternative To Austerity?’ (Keynes Hall, King’s College) 18th Feb: Marxism and the State 25th […]


CUSU Notes: 1. That since 2008, when £850 billion of public money was used to bail-out banks that continue to pay out billions in bonuses, the government has aimed to recoup that money by cutting back on public spending on health, transport, benefits and education. 2. That despite government claims that Britain is emerging from […]

Austerity and Sacrifice

With Britain now officially in the longest period of economic recession and stagnation in its history, this 1930s Labour poster is more relevant than ever. Commenting on the 2010 Budget, Guardian columnist Seumas Milne referred to “[an] iconic Labour movement cartoon from the early 30s, when another coalition came to power in the wake of […]