“When we dare to do things differently we inspire a whole generation to take action.” This was just one of many similar sound bites issued from the leaders of the NUS at the National Conference – superficially rousing, sufficiently vague, so as to avoid taking any strong stances, and completely ironic, given that the very […]

An icon of socialist revolutionary movements and a key figure of modern pop culture worldwide, Che Guevara is a martyr to some, and a violent thug to others. As a young medical student, Che was radicalised by the extreme poverty, hunger and disease he saw whilst travelling around South America, leading to his studies of […]

Opening speeches from the three speakers at our joint event with the Cambridge Universities Labour Club. Adam Booth, editor of the Socialist Appeal website, put forward the case that any attempt by left reformist leaders to attempt to create some form of “responsible capitalism” is doomed to failure, due to the inherent laws of an […]

Daniel Morley from Socialist Appeal sums up our meeting “Where Is China Going?”, touching on topics including: Possibility of revolutions in “Third World” countries, which have very underdeveloped means of production The need for revolutionary parties The role of trade unions Effects of the toppling of the Chinese regime, and how it would parallel Egypt […]

Cambridge graduate and editor of marxiststudent.com Ben Gliniecki had the formidable task of having to counter as many misconceptions about Marxism as possible in an hour. He began by addressing one of the most common objections to socialism, that selfishness is an inherent part of human nature. Ben explained how there could not be such […]

Tuesdays, 7.30 – 9.30 PM, Keynes Seminar Room 2, unless otherwise stated 21st Jan: Marxism and Religion 28th Jan: Where is China Going? 4th Feb: Socialism: What Is It and How Do We Achieve It? Thursday 13th Feb: ‘Is There An Alternative To Austerity?’ (Keynes Hall, King’s College) 18th Feb: Marxism and the State 25th […]

Recently, Cambridge University signed a deal with the Saudi monarchy to establish a research centre KACST-Cambridge  (King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology – Cambridge Centre) dedicated to biological, chemical and engineering research. This is supposed to be the first physical site established outside the UK in Cambridge’s 800 year history. The true face […]

On Thursday 31st October, University Staff from the UCU, Unison and Unite trade unions took part in a joint strike action against a prolonged assault on their wages that has seen them lose 13% in real terms since 2008. Staff ranging from academics to cleaners joined the picket lines to fight for the decent pay […]

By Raj Patel (@Patellian) By now you’ve probably seen the viral video of Brand vs. Paxman, the call for revolution vs. the status quo. You may have even read the commentary1 why many – particularly feminists – should be hesitant to jump on the so-called ‘Brandwagon’. But I, like many others, can set my skepticism […]

CUSU Notes: 1. That since 2008, when £850 billion of public money was used to bail-out banks that continue to pay out billions in bonuses, the government has aimed to recoup that money by cutting back on public spending on health, transport, benefits and education. 2. That despite government claims that Britain is emerging from […]