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“The Only Road Ahead is to Fundamentally Transform the System”

The following is a transcript of the speech I gave at the anti-austerity demonstration called by the Cambridge Marxists on Saturday 30 May, in conjunction with the Cambridge People’s Assembly. “Elect a majority Conservative government, and you will get a clear plan, working every day to secure you and your family a brighter future.” So […]

May 30 – Cambridge March Against Austerity!

The Tories may have won the elections, but democracy does not end at the ballot box. Only 24% of the electorate voted for the austerity policies that they will be inflicting on us, punishing ordinary people for a crisis we did not cause. In response to this, we have already seen protest erupting all over […]

Austerity and Sacrifice

With Britain now officially in the longest period of economic recession and stagnation in its history, this 1930s Labour poster is more relevant than ever. Commenting on the 2010 Budget, Guardian columnist Seumas Milne referred to “[an] iconic Labour movement cartoon from the early 30s, when another coalition came to power in the wake of […]