“Where Is China Going?” – Daniel Morley Sums Up

Daniel Morley from Socialist Appeal sums up our meeting “Where Is China Going?”, touching on topics including:

  • Possibility of revolutions in “Third World” countries, which have very underdeveloped means of production
  • The need for revolutionary parties
  • The role of trade unions
  • Effects of the toppling of the Chinese regime, and how it would parallel Egypt
  • Changes in China since the last revolution in 1949, that would allow for a higher chance for genuine socialism to develop
  • Right of self-determination for oppressed countries
  • Xenophobia amongst the Chinese also expressing class based grievances
  • Deng Xiaoping’s effect on China
  • Tendencies that could potentially evolve after a revolution in China

For more Marxist analysis of China, read Daniel’s articles on marxist.com:

China: Growing Strikes, Corruption and Debt are Harbingers of coming Revolution
Imperialist contradictions intensify in East China Sea
Xi Jinping and the Future of China – Part One


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