3rd Marxist Summer School: The Unbroken Thread of Marxism


A world in crisis: unrest and revolution in the Arab world; protests and strikes in Greece, Cyprus, Spain and beyond; here in Britain, a double-dip recession, brutal attacks on public services, rising unemployment and a mounting mood of anger on the part of millions. Everywhere people are asking two questions: “What is going on?” and “What can we do about it?”. Capitalism seems to have no solution other than that we should pay for their mess.

This June, Socialist Appeal and the UCLU Marxist Society are hosting a weekend summer school on the ideas of Marxism and the solution to the crisis. Come along and participate in the debates and discussions. Here you can find out more about Marxism and how to get involved in the fightback against the attacks of a capitalist system in crisis.

This year, to mark his centenary, the school will give particular focus to the contributions made by Ted Grant, the founder and leading theoretician of the Miltiant Tendency, towards developing Marxist ideas. See below for a timetable of the sessions, along with links to recommended reading.

In addition, this year’s school will also include a meeting on Saturday evening to discuss the launch of a national federation of Marxist societies, to unite and strengthen the work of the Marxists in the universities.

Book your place in advance! Get in touch or email to register:

£10 waged / £5 unwaged for the entire weekend.

Accommodation is available for those coming from outside of London. Please get in touch to enquire about availability.

Facebook event


All sessions are in the Wilkins Old Refector, Pearson G22 LT, and Chadwick B05 LT, around the main Quad of UCL main campus on Gower Street. See a map of UCL and of the local area for more details.

See below for a timetable of the sessions, along with links to recommended reading.

Friday 28th June

17:00 – Registration

19:00 – Prospects for the World Revolution

21:00 – Social

Saturday 29th June


1. Lenin and Trotsky: What they really stood for – Ben Peck, editorial board of Socialist Appeal

2. The Rise and Fall of the Communist International – Marie Frederiksen, editor of the Danish paper Socialistisk Standpunkt

12:30 – Lunch


1. Trotskyism and the Second World War – Rob Sewell, author of “In the cause of Labour: a history of British trade unionism”

2. Stalinism and the Marxist theory of the state – Jorge Martin, editor of the Spanish language paper America Socialista


1. Marxism, Keynesianism, and the Postwar boom – Adam Booth, editor of http://www.socialist.net

2. The Colonial Revolutions – John Pickard, former editor of the Militant

17:30 – The rise and fall of the Militant Tendency – Alan Woods, author of “Reformism or Revolution”

19:30 – Founding meeting of the national federation of Marxist societies

20:30 – The Communist Party: revolutionary social

Sunday 30th June


1. Marxism and the Labour Party –  Rob Sewell, editor of Socialist Appeal

2. Reason in Revolt: Marxism and modern science – Daniel Morley, editorial board of Socialist Appeal

12:30 – Lunch


1. The history of the Fourth International – Fred Weston, editor of http://www.marxist.com

2. Russia: From revolution to counter-revolution – Alan Woods, author of “Bolshevism: the road to revolution”

15:00 – The Legacy of Ted Grant – Alan Woods, author of the biography “Ted Grant: the permanent revolutionary”


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